The cinematographic sector, in its creative scope, arises from the imagination of scriptwriters and directors who begin their careers either writing stories for feature films or carrying out projects for short films; Those scripts or those short works are your credentials to take the next steps towards the professionalization and development of your careers.

A good part of these new authors, certainly most of them, arise from the creative sector of the short film, an experimental space that has traditionally had a very important qualitative and quantitative importance in our country.

The Autonomous Community of Extremadura, as part of its competence in the field of culture and, specifically, in the development of an audiovisual sector, began in 2005 to develop a catalog called Jara which would include the most representative of Extremadura authors in that year, with the aim of disseminating them in national and international festivals, in diverse markets and in those institutions where they could have some echo.

After fifteen years and with twelve catalogs made, it can be confirmed that it was an idea that has helped to stimulate the creativity of young Extremadura filmmakers, to professionalize the first phases of the audiovisual sector and to put on the market some already relevant names. And this perception not only helps to consolidate the commitment to the initiative, but also to boost it significantly in the near future.

In this space of our website we will link with the latest news related to the world of short films, as well as the route of those short films that have been part of the previous catalogs. All the short films included in these catalogs can also be viewed free of charge.


After fifteen years of life and with twelve catalogs, it can be confirmed that it was a positive idea that has helped to stimulate the creativity of young Extremaduran filmmakers.


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